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Mark II Standard, Mark II Deluxe (Johnny Ramone Signature), Mark II Bass and Gospel.

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VGS with Evertune


VGS is a new guitar brand and for the moment the only one using the Evertune bridge installed. The Evertune will keep your guitar in tune forever! No, it isn't a joke or hoax - we have tried it extensively. Our first VGS arrived from Germany via air freight and as we picked it up from the box it was in perfect tune. However, we can't explain how it works - but it works. No electronics, just mechanics. The effect is adjustable and with full effect turned on it is possible to bend a string without any change in pitch.


New pedals from MJM


MJM Guitar FX

MJM Guitar FX has updated their line and all of them have a new graphic design. Some models has undergone slight changes in the circuit for enhanced sound. The TS-808 clone formerely known as Blues Devil is renamed to Phantom Overdrive and a gain switch has been added. Dallas Boost and China Fuzz are new models.